The 15 phases of Śrī Lalitā

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Varivasyā- Rahasya chart

This chart is translated into English with the assistance and competency of Devī Devī.  It is based on the Varivasyārahasya of the famed Śrī Vidyā sādhaka, Bhāskararāya Makhin,  published by the Adyar Library, 1968.

This edition also includes an English translation but not of the chart at the back of the book that very neatly knits together the nature of Lalitā’s mantra and yantra, including the threefoldness of everything.

Bhāskararāya also has a commentary to the book, called Prakaśa (light) which is illuminating.  His disciple, Umānandanātha, compiled a text called the Nityotsavathis consists of many rituals of Śrīvidyā. Bhāskararāya also comments on the important text called the Bhavanopaniṣad. There’s a translation and commentary here.

You will probably need to enlarge the PDF of the Varivasyārahasya so you’re able to read it, unless you have such acute third eye sight that you don’t need to do that.

I will enlarge upon this page in the future, but there is a lot in the Lalitā section of (śrīvidyā) that will help to further explore the lore.

For example, the 15 letter mantra starts from the base of the spine, passes through the cakras and after the brahmarandhra turns into the 16th secret bīja – the 15 letters being the 15 nityās. That mantra –  which in the Manmatha line is ka e ī la hrīm ha sa ka ha la hrīm sa ka la hrīṃ, relates this 15 letter mantra to the maṇḍalas of the śrī yantra. The 16th letter starts with k and ends with ṃ, but the ṃ is endless.

One of the more interesting elements in the chart is the middle section concerns the three states of wake, dream and deep sleep followed by the fourth state and beyond the fourth state.