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“Initiation implied no acceptance of exoteric or cultural elements peculiar to India. The same fountain that inspired the Naths also flowed westward, northwards to Tibet, eastwards to China and Japan and southwards to India and Sri Lanka.”Tantra Magick, Mike Magee.

English translations. Download Tantrik texts… These are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format which means that you can view illustrations, diacritical marks and Devanagari script in their original form. Here you will also find links to other sites. Turn to Adobe’s home page to download the Acrobat reader free.

Sexuality and Tantra. What is the relationship between tantra and sex? Turn here for the Kaula view.

The Shiva Sutras. A translation and notes from a seminal text of Kashmir Shaivism.

The Jnana Sankalini Tantra. A complete translation of a concise Hindu tantra.

The 35 Tattvas. Behind the tantrik symbolism is a subtle view of humankind and the world. Symbolised by the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, the 35 tattvas show that we are all sparks of Śiva-Śakti..

The Netra Tantra. This is an original translation from a Kashmir Shaivite tantra which goes a long way to explaining the dynamic relationship between Shiva and the three Śaktis.

The Devi Rahasya. Digest of the contents of a comprehensive tantrik compilation.

Select Bibliography. Comprehensive list of Sanskrit text and translations relating to these traditions.

Select Glossary. This glossary was created by Shambhala Nath (Donald Michael Kraig) in 1984 and can act as a starting point for understanding terminology in these pages.

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