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Hamsah Shodha Upanishad

That self of the nature of food is pervaded by the self of the nature of vital energy; similarly the self of vital energy is by nature pervaded by the self of the nature of mind – – Katharudropanishad, 24

As we’ve pointed out elsewhere in these pages, there is a multitude of small texts describing themselves as Upanishads which nevertheless deal with entirely tantrik themes.

Whether this is because different schools of tantras were seeking scriptural and ancient authorities for their views is difficult to say, but, very often these so-called “Upanishads” do give a useful short precis of the views of particular schools.

That’s the case with this particular text below, which describes a nyasa by which a devotee is said to assume the body or nature of Kali.

The rishi or seer of this piece is Virupaksha Mahakala, perhaps connected with the famous Virupaksha temple in Vijayanagar – a temple that, for some reason, or other survived the ravages of the 3,000 other temples and is still active today. The mantras and matrikas described below use the iTrans method of transliteration.

Hamsah Shodha Upanishad

Now the Hamsa six fold nyasa by which (devotees) become Shiva, become the lord of all siddhi. Even Sadashiva is not entitled to the fruit of this.

Of this six fold nyasa Virupaksha Mahakala is the seer. Anushtub is the metre. Kali is the devata. The object of its application is the body of Kali. By the six limb Hamsa (nyasa) he becomes of the nature of Nirvana.

Ha.msaH ka.m kha.m ga.m ~na.m – bearer of the great rosary of skulls, beloved of Mahakala, protect, protect me!

Dwelling in the six chakras, the lady of speech, dwell on the tip of my tongue!

Ha.m namaH on the head. He becomes Shiva.

Ha.msaH cha.m Cha.m ja.m jha.m Na.m Mahatripurabhairavi, bearer of the book and the rosary of aksha seeds, paralyser of the face of the enemy, do it! Do it! SvAhA. This in the great lotus.

Ha.msaH Tam Tha.m Da.m Dha.m Na.m DA.m DI.m Da.m Dakini, protect, protect me! SvAhA. This (the devotee) should place in the Anahata. He becomes the third form.

Ha.msaH Ta.m Tha.m Da.m Nam, great goddess of death, destroying death, HU.m HU.m, destroy! Destroy poverty! SvAhA. He should place Gu.m/ He becomes Brahma Kali. He attains the Fourth.

Ha.msaH Pa.m Pha.m Ba.m Bha.m Ma.m, cat devi, heroic one, destroy! Destroy my idleness!

Ha.msaH Ya.m Ra.m La.m Va.m sha.m Sha.m Sa.m Ha – big bellied Devi, mother greatly fond of the auspicious, dissipate! Dissipate my dullness. Cause it to disappear! Cause it to disappear!

Bhagavati, protect, protect me! Maintainer of the worlds, maintain, maintain me! SvAhA the two foot nyasa. He becomes Shiva.

Now he should place the sixth. Ha.msaH La.m Ksha.m Mahalakshmi Rararajeshvari, Beloved of Mahakala, the devi who is all the parts of time, the Devi of kalas, break in pieces! Break in pieces! Kha.m KhI.m KhU.m Khai.m Kho.m Khau.m KhaH, the spade in earth, SvAhA. In all libs he should place that. He should do the 50 fold diffusion. Thus the Sixth.

He becomes Shiva. He is worshipped by the Moon. He becomes detached. He becomes initiated in all. He becomes Amrita. He becomes all time. He does every nyasa. He gets knowledge even of the unknown. The duty he should do becomes done. He becomes lord of all siddhi. He becomes like Kali. So-aha.m Ha.msa, thus Bhagavan Sadashiva stitched this veda.

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