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देवनागरी (devanāgarī) and diacritics

These are the देवनागरी (devanāgari) letters of the alphabet and their diacritic correspondences used on this website. Because of the limitations of the font we’re using, two very rarely used “l” vowel sounds are missing from the chart on the top row. We won’t attempt to represent even a fraction of the compound letters in Sanskrit – they are legion.

This chart, below, doesn’t reflect the subtlety of the letters and the way they’re associated with how they are pronounced. A page on the wonderful Omniglot website demonstrates the depth of the language.  It has a much better table than ours with a comprehensive list of compounds. The sounds of the consonants are, respectively, velar, palatal, retroflex, dental and labial. Incidentally, if we English speakers used these diacritics there wouldn’t be any confusion between “though” (tho) and “plough” (plau) and many another set of words.

a ā i ī u ū rṛī
e ai o au ka kha ga gha ṅa ca
ccha ja jha ña ṭa tha ḍa ḍha ṇa
ta tha da dha na pa pha ba bha ma
ya ra la va śa ṣa सा ha

I’ve shamelessly ripped off the table of consonants from Omniglot, below.

Artwork is © Jan Bailey, 1975-2021. Translations are © Mike Magee 1975-2021.Questions or comments to mike.magee@btinternet.com

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